Apps for Artists is a set of tools that helps artists save time, organize their work, grow their fanbase, and make money. This growing collection of apps makes stuff like marketing, community building, and sales easier. And because the tools are adjustable and flexible, artists can model them to their own specific needs and style.



Apps for Artists is a collaboration between media specialists Fast Moving Targets and indie band Pip Blom. These apps solve real-life problems. They are based on ideas and needs of the Dutch band. When Pip, Tender, Darek and Gini are happy using them (validation!) or see opportunities for others, Apps for Artists makes them available to the rest of the world.

Pip Blom: "As a band, we're not technical at all, but we know that the right tools help us a lot in our day to day operations, so we're sure they can help others too. For example, touring is so much nicer for us with Tour Assistant because everyone has all relevant information always at hand. And Press Kit makes life a lot easier for us as a means of answering all the repetitive questions we get. Members Only is modelled after our Pip Blom Backstage community app that has more than 1200 members."

outside | stay connected

Save time. Bundle all your essential information (bio, photos, music) in one app, so press, venues, festivals, and other relations have easy access whenever they need it.

PB: "All those questions about info and pictures are a nuisance, you must agree. This is the only answer! ;-)"

Have a look and TRY

Make money. It only takes minutes to publish your own sales app for a new release, for merchandise, or for an event.

PB: "We love tools that do one thing and do that one thing right. The One Stop Shop does just that: sell one product in all of its versions."


Build meaningful relations. Give value to your community of fans with unique content, and at the same time build a reliable source of income with extras for paying members.

PB: "We are a small band. With our community app Pip Blom Backstage we already make 500 euro per month. So imagine what a big band can do!"


INSIDE | getting things done

Relax. All the relevant information about your tour when you need it. No searching, no asking, your app knows everything about the hotels, venues, stage times, merch sales and more.

PB: "Are you the organized one in the band? Is everyone always asking you 'what time do we have to leave tomorrow'? With this tool, no one has an excuse. Everyone always has the latest info."


Keep an overview. Streamline your processes while making an album. A to-do list for every phase from demo to master, from music to art, from idea to release.

PB: "Making an album is a lot of work in different phases. How do you keep track of all the things to be done? You can do it with paper and pen, but with this easy tool you keep everyone in the loop."


Be organized. Being an artist means working with lots of parties, meeting on lots of subjects, working towards many goals. Keep artist(s), management, label, promoter, and more aligned. This is a project management tool for music.

PB: "It's so hard to keep all the people that are involved with a band up to date on relevant information. This app takes care of that."



Apps for Artists will launch in January 2022, but you can already have a look at four apps in action.
Have a look and TRY
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